Olivia Taylor-Washek: Florida Model Arrested for Offering People 'Free Lap Dances' and Asking Cops to 'Bang' Her

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A "drunk" Florida woman was arrested over the weekend after she allegedly offered lap dances to strangers on the street and asked officers if they wanted to "bang" on the sidewalk. Police were informed, who reached the scene to find Olivia Taylor-Washek, 28, was offering lap dances to citizens on Saturday.

She was immediately arrested for disorderly intoxication as she wasn't in her senses when officers arrived. She even threatened paramedics when they were called in to help the officers before the arrest. Taylor-Washek is an aspiring model and has appeared in several magazine covers. She was eventually released on Sunday on her own recognizance.

Shocking Offer

Olivia Taylor-WashekInstagram

Police were called after Olivia Taylor-Washek was seen "stumbling on the sidewalk and attempting to give random citizens lap dances outside of a bar" on Central Avenue in St Petersburg, Florida, at around 8:30 pm on Saturday, April 24. She was highly intoxicated at that time and police called a fire rescue team to help them handle the situation.

However, she wasn't evaluated because when paramedics reached, she allegedly threatened "to punch them if they touched her." Officers were still quite helpful as they then offered to walk Taylor-Washek to her nearby apartment or call someone to pick her up, the report said.

Following that, things took a turn for the worse. Taylor-Washek "continued to yell profanities" at police officers and bystanders. At one point she allegedly asked officers "if they wanted to "bang" on the sidewalk."


Things didn't end there. She started touching the officers and repeatedly kept asking them if they were interested in banging her as bystanders kept watching her.

Shocking Everyone

Olivia Taylor-WashekInstagram

According to the police report, Taylor-Washek continued to ask the officers to "bang her" while the officers pleaded with her to call a friend or relative to come and collect her. At the same time, Taylor-Washek is also said to have asked the officers if they were going to shoot her.


Eventually, she was arrested for disorderly intoxication. However, she was released on Sunday on her own recognizance. According to her Instagram profile, Taylor-Washek is currently second in her group among other girls in a Maxim cover girl competition.

The winner receives a grand prize of $25,000, which she says she'd use to pay off her student loans. The model, who claims to be a master mini golfer, and can "wiggle her nose like a bunny" is confident about winning the competition.

Besides the big prize money, if Taylor-Washek wins the competition, she will also get a chance to shoot with top photographer Gilles Bensimon and will appear on the cover of the popular US men's magazine.


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